Vent Tent

Once upon a time, the TUSA ran a Vent Tent – a literal tent where our student reps would chat to students about issues bothering them, and offer support and assistance.

In 2020, we hadn’t been able to get out and about as much due to Covid-19, so we have made Vent Tent an online survey, where you could vent to us about what is bothering you. This could be a personal issue, or something more general.

And don’t forget, you are also always welcome to contact one of our Student Reps or Student Advocates to chat.

We have also run two Special Vent Tents, focusing on issues you have raised with us:

  1. University changes due to Covid-19, and
  2. Student Mental Health.

You can find the reports from these research pieces on our Research and Reports page.

How can Vent Tent make a difference for you?

We gather student feedback and take it directly to UTAS for answers and action.

If you haven’t had success using the ‘proper’ channels, get in touch. If you provide your details, we can follow up on your behalf, and let you know what additional supports are available to you.

We are elected by you to represent you, so let us know what you need and we will gladly help out.

Special Issues Vent Tent

From time to time we like to do a ‘deep dive’ into big issues.

We don’t currently have a special issues Vent Tent open, but if you would like to check out reports and results from our previous ones, head to the Research and Reports page.