2020 hasn’t been an easy ride and we’re feeling a little tired and in need of a break. That’s why we’ve teamed up with some of our most exciting Clubs and Societies to bring you experiences that showcase the amazing playground we live in, Tasmania. Whether you’re into white water rafting, bushwalking, diving, climbing or slacklining, we’ve got something for you!

Coming up over the Summer months, these societies will be taking you on adventures to some iconic Tassie spots whilst helping you make new friends and connections along the way. With the Tassie weather going from Summer to Winter and back again it can be tricky to nail down a date and time for some of these activities. We recommend reaching out to the clubs and societies you’re keen on getting involved with to see what they’re up to and what the latest plans are. You can find their details below.

Terms & Conditions:

All participants in the Unique Tassie Experince Program MUST be written down as members of the club/society and will pay $5 per activity/event regardless of which club or society they participate with. This $5 per activity only covers you for this Unique Tassie Experience Summer program so to continue participating in normal trips that these clubs/societies are also running in summer or into next year, you would then need to pay full membership.

Upcoming Events/Activities

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Unique Tassie Experiences

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White Water Rafting

We specialise in white water rafting activities and take pride in our reputation for excellence, safety and environmental conservation. We have members across the state, allowing us to run trips anywhere there is rain and a river.



The Tasmanian University Dive Club (TUDC) is currently the largest and most active dive club operating in Tasmania and promotes safe and affordable diving catering to all levels of experience.



We enjoy climbing, hiking, alpine adventures, kayaking, and more, year round in Tassie. Joining the Club is a great way to see some of Tasmania’s spectacular scenery, whilst meeting new people and doing something extremely cool in the process



This group is an open platform for people who are interested in organising walks, meeting new people or discussing topics related to bushwalking.



We are a collective group of people who practice the art of slacklining! This ranges from park-lines, trick-lines, rodeo-lines, and everyones favourite the high-line!

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