These are your elected student representatives for 2021.


Braydon Broad

This year I have had the distinct privilege of serving as the President of the Tasmanian University Student Association – and what a year it has been.

Many of the priorities that my team and I were elected to fight for last year were pushed aside by the more immediate concerns that students had at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Despite the challenges that were presented, I am pleased to say that we were able to deliver meaningful results for students. Please find below our achievements for this year.

  • Convinced the University to implement 5-day extensions for most assignments
  • Fought to protect students GPA’s by working with the University to allow students to take Ungraded Passes
  • Ensured that fail grades were not recorded for most units this year

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Special Projects President

Maria Kumar

I strongly believe I have the necessary experience and proven track record that makes my profile best fit for this position. I had the opportunity to undertake responsibilities through my school day till now through various roles like president, vice president, student leader and assistant treasurer.

Having over a year of professional experience, I had the opportunity to report directly to the CEO and work to meet multiple stakeholders’ expectations while I was handling projects. If given the opportunity, I would use the platform to promote sustainability and raise mental health awareness that would benefit all the students in the short and long run.

I would wholeheartedly dedicate myself to this position and be a valuable addition to the Union and the community. Having the relevant experiences and skills, I feel confident that I will be able to meet and exceed the expectations that comes with this role.

Equity President

Sophie Crothers

Hey everyone!

My name is Sophie and I am a third year Law and Psychology student running to be the Equity President of #yourTUSA for 2021. I am incredibly passionate about ensuring UTAS listens to, respects, and supports every student, and have advocated for student rights throughout COVD-19.

Although I can only speak from my own experience as a woman, as the 2020 Campus President – South of the TUSA I have been lucky enough to develop a strong relationship with a team of student representatives from all areas of the equity space.

I can’t claim to know what the concerns and issues of every community at UTAS are – but I hope to both continue the relationships I have and create new ones so that I will be best informed to bring your concerns to the UTAS Equity Committee.

Education President (Undergraduate)

Elizabeth Joseph

My name is Elizabeth Joseph and I’m running for TUSA Undergraduate Education President. I’m in my final year of Bachelor of Medical Research and am starting Bachelor of Medicine and Surgery next year. Having been an active member of the TUSA since enrolling, as well as working on the Christ College committee in 2019, I greatly value opportunities to contribute to my community.

If elected I will advocate for:

  • Mandatory recording of every lecture, expanding to tutorials and workshops where possible, to accommodate for clashes between study and other commitments.
  • Implementation of the same or improved academic policies should there be a spike in Tasmanian Covid-19 cases, including the automatic 5-day extension and GPA amnesty.
  • Connection between UTAS academic societies and university academic policy changes.
  • Improving UTAS environmental conscientiousness, particularly through a campus-ban on single-use plastics and divestment in fossil fuels.

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Education President (Postgraduate)

Rohan Puri

Why does writing these things always feel strange? I guess a lot of it has to do with having to explicitly list things you have done and ‘sell’ yourself in order to convince people to vote for you.

Thankfully, the word count for this statement does not really allow that. I’ll mention the UniGym, Conference/Workshop, and Childcare subsidies that I initiated in my brief role as TUSA Postgraduate Officer (South) recently but I would like the focus to be on the why. To put it quite simply, it is because I truly care about creating positive change for our diverse postgraduate community. I hope to channel this in the Postgraduate Education President role too.

I am not one to make magnanimous ‘election’ promises but what I will promise is that I will actively listen and act resolutely to achieve the best outcomes for us. I hope the best candidate wins.

Education President (Distance)

Jaspreet Sethi

Hello! My name is Jaspreet Sethi. I am running for the position of EDUCATION PRESIDENT– Distance. I see the position as an excellent way to be a part of a team that is involved not only in the current student’s lives, but also the bigger picture of providing a better place for future students.

I have held various club positions within Lions Australia, have been honored by the NSW Premier and Local Councils on multiple occasions. I believe that my professional and personal experiences will help me bring a well-rounded perspective to the discussions and issues raised in meetings.

We must make sure that all voices are heard and that every UTAS student is comfortable expressing their needs and ideas. Student data and privacy will be a major concern.

Thank you for taking the time to read this and good luck with your studies.

Student Experience President (South)

Madeleine Webster

I am running for Student Experiences President-South in 2021. I am currently the Southern Women’s Officer and this year has made me want to extend my passion in advocating for UTAS students to ensure their experiences at UTAS are the best they can be. I aim to establish and facilitate societies for all groups of students at UTAS.

Specifically, this includes re-establishing the women’s society and starting affiliated queer and Indigenous societies. I aim to ensure everyone at UTAS’s experience is welcoming, safe and connected. Given the COVID-19 pandemic, I want to work closely with all affiliated positions to put the entire Southern UTAS community first, strengthening the connections between all societies and students to ensure community at UTAS is the best it can be.

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Student Experience President (North)

Ratchata Panyadong (Zac)

My name is Ratchata Panyadong (Zac), running to be #yourTUSA Student Experience President for North Campus.

I have been actively involved with the UTAS community through volunteering with UTASlife, TUSA and BESST society. In 2020, I serve you as TUSA North International Student Officer, I have been involved in supporting International students during the pandemic and strive at my best ability to engage and support the UTAS community. I have found myself passionate about serving the community and helping students with any difficulties they face. I believe that I have skills to best serve you and the north campus student community.

As a Student Experience President, my mission for 2021 is continuing to build stronger community from the grassroot as planned, working and supporting clubs and societies to organise exciting events on campus and be the voice for all students at North Campus.

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Student Experience Vice President (North West)

Davina Smith



I am choosing to run for the Student Experience Vice President – North West 2021 to finish projects I started 2018-19. 2021 sees the shift to the new West Park campus, I would like to ensure the move is as smooth as possible and that Utas’ “a place to be loved by all” puts students at the forefront of that objective.

I plan to reinstitute the “Produce to the Students” scheme next year and strengthen ties with community groups and businesses started in 2019, such as Burnie Community House, Reseed, and local cafes. I want to see more students involved with Clubs and Societies, making CC Campus a more vibrant and stimulating place.

Above all I want to help you through your student journey. I am always available to listen to you and advocate on your behalf.

Vote [1] for myself and the Broaden Your Horizons team.

Student Experience Vice President (Sydney)

Richenda Ewen

As the Student Experience Vice President for Sydney, I’ll be able to give weight to students’ wishes and strongly represent our needs. My aim is to make our student experience the best it can be during our time at UTas.

I want everyone at Sydney to have someone to talk to when they’re feeling frustrated about uni; so call me up, message me, lets have a chat and we’ll make an action plan.

I am super keen to work with the presidents of our local student societies at Rozelle, including SPURS, SOS and the brand new SportSoc. Together we want to create an inclusive, fun and active student life experience in Sydney. Let’s get involved! Looking forward to seeing you at the next event!

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