Grants, Loans and Bursaries

Recent research by Universities Australia states that two-thirds of Australian university students are living below the poverty line (Universities Australia, 2020).

The University of Tasmania and the TUSA recognise the financial impact that the COVID-19 pandemic has had on many students.

If you are experiencing financial hardship take a look at the support available to you below, but don’t forget to check out our other pages in the Support section of the site – there is a lot we can help you out with.

If you need assistance with applying for any of these initiatives, or just need to talk about your situation, please reach out to our Student Advocates.

TUSA/UTAS Student Financial Assistance

In collaboration with UTAS, the TUSA offers financial aid to students doing it tough. Find out more about the current support and apply here. If you need help or just want support, reach out to our Student Advocates

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Helping Hand Scheme

The Helping Hand Scheme was established by #yourTUSA State Council to help cover the immediate grocery costs of students experiencing hardship due to COVID-19.

We have given away more than $23,300 in Helping Hand support since April 2020, and the scheme has now closed as the budget has been exhausted.

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Need Financial Assistance?

If you are having unexpected financial trouble, contact a TUSA Student Advocate. They can help you to access emergency funding, and other support services like Financial Counselling.

TUSA Postgrad Support Scheme

The Postgraduate Support Scheme has finished up for 2020. Stay tuned for updates in the new year.


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